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I can help you find ways to explore your creativity.

My workshops are designed for all levels of experience; start where you are and take your work further.


My first language is English so I use it in many of my workshops. My second language is Dutch so I can work in that language too. 

Workshops are held at the Far & Wide Studio.


I organise bespoke workshops for 6-10 people. I have worked with groups of  friends, families and colleagues.

I also organise workshops on abstract art, book making, mono-printing,and painting for groups of 6-8 people.

All workshops are designed around the wishes of the group.

50 euros per person for half a day


 I get energy from working with other creative people. I have developed projects with artists, musicians, writers, educationalists, philosophers and children. 

Words Martijn Adelmund_edited.jpg

Odensehuis Jubilee, collaboration with poet Martijn Adelmund

Colour Project with a local School


I mentor artists and art students on a one to one basis.

I provide a curious and empathetic space where you can explore your work from different perspectives.

In an analytical session we review your work to find ways to enrich and revitalise your practice. We explore strategies and paths to move forward.

150 euros for a two hour session

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