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I am an artist, writer and educator. I get excited about all of these as they use the skills and experience I have built up over many years living and working in Asia, Africa and Europe.

For a long time I used my creativity in schools and adapting to new places and cultures.

Now I am a full time artist and writer, I am learning a whole new way of working with my creativity, as well as that of others.

I use my intuitve energy together with the skills and experience I have built up. My work is rooted in who we are, our connection with nature and our place in the world.

I have encountered many people along my journey who have inspired and helped me. Some of them are well known, most of them have been friends and family who have connected with my deeper self, encouraged and supported me whilst allowing me to be myself.

Want to see my qualifiacations?


I hold honours degrees in Education (Goldsmiths College, University of London) and in Creative Writing. (Open College of Arts, UCA) I have studied extensively in Creating Compassionate Cultures, Holistic Art (Vrije Academie ‘t Pad) and Philosophy (P4C, Sapere).



I am interested in working with other people in any field to extend creativity on both sides. I have been involved with musicians, artists, writers, teachers and children.



I can help you find ways to explore your creativity. My workshops are designed for all levels; start where you are and take your work further.

My first language is English so I use it in many of my workshops, my second language is Dutch so I can also work in Dutch.

All workshops are help at the Far & Wide Studio, Costerweg 1f, 6702AA Wageningen 

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