Clown Face



I am an artist, writer and educator. My life philosophy has its roots in compassion.


I hold honours degrees in Education (Goldsmiths College, University of London) and in Creative Writing. (Open College of Arts, UCA) I have studied extensively in Creating Compassionate Cultures, Holistic Art (Vrije Academie ‘t Pad) and Philosophy (P4C, Sapere).


My career has taken me all over the world and has allowed me to explore my creativity in many different ways. I am committed to life-long learning, and to stimulating that in others. I have worked in education both as a teacher and a trainer, I have worked in curriculum development, as a writer and illustrator, and am a practicing artist.


In my work as an artist I seek connection and balance through an open and honest response to the projects I am involved with. I believe strongly that making and creativity is part of being human and seek to explore this in my own work and with others.



I am interested in working with other people in any field to extend creativity on both sides. I have been involved with musicians, artists, teachers and children.


I work with both adults and children to create creative courses according to individual wishes and goals.

I also run course through my studio at Far & Wide in Wageningen. 


I work with others to create bespoke books and art work.