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Mary Webster, Franje Smit, Odensehuis Wageningen

This project supports people with memory loss and those who live and work with them. It's goal is to show that each person is an individual with a unique perspective. 

Every participant creates a self portrait using a choice of many different materials. The self portrait is created in layers over three sessions; all are intertwined with discussion and reflection on life and art. 

"Art does not reflect what is seen, rather it makes the hidden visable."

Paul Klee

Mary Webster, Franje Smit, Petra Sips

This project began during the Summer of Culture in Wageningen in 2023.


Over 170 people of all ages and nationalities responded to the colour blue in a workshop in the Grote Kerk in Wageningen. People mixed blue, named their blue and wrote down their associations with the colour.

Since then I have been responding creatively to those colours and texts.


Maria Blue Accordion Book .jpg

This project was made in response to daily walks in the local area.

'Walking is the exact balance of spirit and humility.'

Gary Snyder

This series of mixed media collage and painting were made in response to the colour and energy I encountered when out walking. They follow the changing seasons and are a reminder of my relationship with the area.


This group of works uses mixed media and a layered, intuitive approach to create the art work. The process is about letting go and allowing the image to emerge.


This project explores our connections with each other and what it is to be a migrant.

The faces are of people I know. Some of them are still present in my life, others played an important part in my life but are left behind. These meetings and leavings are a part of my way of life. All the encounters carry both a richness and an emotional toll. The work expresses those feelings. The closed eyes represent the duality of presence and absence.  These people are part of me and will always be. Their imprint is indelible.


The second phase of the work is the imprint of the faces in sand. The photographing of these creates the optical illusion that the faces are prominent instead of hollow. This dual perspective reflects the duality of bonding and leaving behind. The sand is an illusion to the ‘sands of time’; that we are all part of the cycle of life; fragile. Our value in life is marked by our legacy, the imprint we leave behind. In time the pressed images also disappear.


These sculptures explore aspects of faith through the story of Saint Kevin.

The story is beautifully interpreted in the poem by Seamus Heaney.


A year long project made during the first year of the Covid Pandemic.

Part of the role of being an artist is to record or respond to the times in which we live. I record primary responses to the day and the diary reflects the changes over time in my response to the pandemic. 

The film and sound track was created by Jan Joosten. After some interviews and recordings he interpreted the diary through this film. 

The diary has been archived by Swansea University and is available online together with dairies of over 180 other participants. My diary can be accessed under the name Peyton.
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